View Full Version : DLC trophies/achievements for when the game goes 8th gen.

20th Jan 2015, 09:57
I'm not going to lie to you I'm not very big on multi-player games. (but I do play them)

when nosgoth finely comes to 8th gen consoles, here are things to keep "MY" interest.

#1. map DLC achievements/trophies.
if nosgoth officially releases with all 12 characters,
and lets say you release 8 maps, 4 human and 4 vampire locations. (even demon locations)

future maps should be made as DLC with map specific achievements/trophies.

#2. achievements/trophies with more LOK references. (funny or serious)
so far I've seen 3.

What Trickery Is This?
Kill 25 humans as a Deceiver while your Illusions are active.

The Blood Is The Life.
Execute 250 humans.

Vae Victis!
Win 100 matches

Time To Die. (<<<not sure if I should add this one)

#3. new modes after official launch should also have achievements/trophies.

#4. no impossible achievements/trophies.
so far you guys are doing a good job with the unlockable rules.
I played allot of gears of war and things like the seriously achievements or ones where you had to play a match as a team of 5 unique/same characters was a nightmare. so only achievable achievements/trophies please :P

that's all for now :)

if possible, or already in development you should make male and female counterparts to each class.
that way people will stop thinking clan zephonim are officially known as deceivers ect....

the red sisters can just get heavier armor or something. be creative :P

EDIT 2 if the last part will be to much work,
if that means making new lore halting progress on the single player game then forget it.....