View Full Version : Dragon Quest Sword the masked Queen and the tower Of mirrors discussion

31st Aug 2014, 18:50
Hi square i still want my Dragon Quest Swords: The Masked Queen and the Tower of Mirrors for wii u but ony if u remake it.

it sucked when it came out what happened. did more pro staff leave agin ? as for you thinking on games for Steam thats easy

(1)Dragon Quest ix
(2)Final Fantasy 9 hd remake
(3)Chrono Cross Hd Remake
(4)Final Fantasy IV and IV After hd
(5)Valkyrie Profile Lenth hd remake

now stop worrying about steam pls. WII U Need Square Enix Power Up see yu se make me proud.

18th Jan 2015, 17:14
I have buy Dragon Quest Sword the masked Queen and want to talk about it and I have dream for that game to come out on Nintendo Wii U somerday since it Would be easy play that game.
I have hard time play that game since i must use Wii Remote and that was not easy.
I always lose and I dont like that so I gave up and I have not play that game since.
How many think this game are hard?
How many Would like to see this game come out for Nintendo Wii U?