View Full Version : Continuation of Final Fantasy 6 As a Realm Reborn , Other Francise Possibilities

18th Jan 2015, 00:04
There are many complaints as of late that SquareEnix is not utilizing there later franchise rights, I for one at this venture would care to disagree! Final Fantasy 14 is a fantastic turn base adventure fully reminiscent of the empire complete with magitech armor.

In terms of breadth and scope it is fully a masterpiece,featuring some of the best examples of one of the leading teams in modern entertainment seeing the returned efforts of Mr Amano, and Mr Uematsu.
They are masters of their generes with them respectively having collections rivaling that of Davinci, and Mozart.

Now the discussion of other franchises, I grew up in the PlayStation one, Super Nintendo era of Square and Enix. Dragon Warrior and Final Fantasy were begining to define a generation of gameplay. There is just a clamor to see these titles anew. Not to take away credit from those franchises, It's just given the nature of these games.

I would suggest we a looking for ways to fill those gameplay niches, it is not that we want new styles of games,
we just want to reminisce about the good old days as we entertain ourselves, in our maturity playing the types of gameplay from our youth.