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17th Jan 2015, 05:51
What do you guys think of being able to throw a human corpse at your teammates as opposed to dragging them over like we do now?

You could still drag them by just pressing E to grasp them before dragging them like you do now; but you could also have the option to sling them in the direction you are facing by pressing another button, let's say the C button for instance. For the sake of balance, you may only be able to sling them forward a set distance and not so high vertically that they could land on rooftops or areas of the map that are not visible to humans.

17th Jan 2015, 06:07
Would rather see that "Feeding Call" suggestion before this, but both are cool ideas.

Slightly offtopic: I'd love for throw to be usable while dragging a corpse, using the corpse as a projectile to damage enemies. The groundwork is already kind of there, as you can use Throw on a teammate's food while they're feeding.

17th Jan 2015, 11:45
you can use Throw on a teammate's food while they're feeding.

haha what. I want to see 4 tyrants playing catch with this

19th Jan 2015, 09:38
Haha! That would be awesome, especially if you collect the bodies and throw them at the camped humans. Total psychological warfare stuff. :p

20th Jan 2015, 08:51
What´s up ? XD

20th Jan 2015, 17:17
I think this is a great idea, but I'm not sure of the adverse effects this would have on vampires gaining an edge in overall gameplay balance. :scratch: