View Full Version : BOTH FACTIONS Minor feedback from recent playtime on Prophet pistols, Sentinel, and Tyrant

17th Jan 2015, 00:57
I recently found a Dual Pistols mysterious item, so I've been playing with it to level it up and I have to say I like Dual Pistols much less than Heavy Pistols for the following reasons. They do less damage (despite a faster firing speed) so I have to spend more effort tracking a target to do damage and it's tiresome. I can flick slightly with Heavy Pistols every time they're ready to fire and I often do more damage because I need to be accurate less often. Also, less damage is typically dealt because vampires will respond just as quickly as when they are exposed to Heavy Pistols fire but I can deal more damage in that shorter time. I haven't even tried Quick Pistols and I imagine they are even more tedious.

As for my suggestions, I don't really know. I'd wish for more variation between them, but right now myself and I think several others favor Heavy Pistols for ease of use and damage.

These guys are strong pub stompers, mostly because of inattentive human team mates. A Kidnap/Abduct + Puncture combo means death, and Puncture doesn't miss often. I feel it's way too strong, as it fairly often removes a human from line of sight of his team, and a sentinel can land momentarily later next to a human to finish him. Dealing with more than 2 sentinels can be an extreme hassle because the team is separated all the time.

Suggestions: Puncture's damage could be lowered. Wing Flap could have it's range increased slightly to make it more attractive, as I love using it to support my team but its range is deceptively short. Abduct and Kidnap could be reworked; one version where a successful connect hauls a human a shorter distance and then hurls him/her like Tyrant's Throw (picture bomber planes releasing munitions and pulling up and away), and another where the weapon becomes an aerial fly-by slash. Just my thoughts.

I love this guy's style but he's still my least favorite vampire to play. It's just... much easier to go into melee with the other 3 because they cover more distance with their attacks. Charged melee, especially a full charge strike, is really slippery and I go flying by opponents if they're not at the perfect distance. If humans get beyond my reach and they're running, I just give up chasing with him. The other 3 don't have to deal with this. His abilities are strong, but Jump Attack is the weakest he has, situationally. The travel time is a killer for being targeted by Warbows, Bolas, and Hex Shots, let alone humans just constantly moving as they fight. Jump Attack could be said to be very dependent on other vampires to work well, either waiting for someone to Pounce, Dominate Mind, or Kidnap/Abduct.

Unfortunately I have no suggestions for Jump Attack. I think I read a post where you guys are working on Tyrant's melee and I hope there is something planned for it.

17th Jan 2015, 03:56
1. I'm inclined to agree on the heavies, since day 1 they've been (in my opinion) the best overall weapon as the trade offs for the extra damage is pretty minimal.

2. I addressed your sentinel point in another thread but I'll add to it. I think puncture is good as is, I don't use it though. The reason being that I can never get a hit with puncture, ever, after a while I just gave up on it and switched to wing flap.

3. Tyrant is the weakest in the higher level games but we've been told he dominates mid to lower level play and I believe it. The charged melee attack has been addressed in another thread and responded to by the devs. Basically the hit box is weird because it's a straight smash rather than horizontal, they discussed adding an aoe to the slam, personally I think Tyrant needs a larger hit box. I don't think you should give up chasing a running human, if you use the dodge roll melee cancel thing you should always be able to catch a human. As for jump attack, I think it needs immunity to CC or for a CC not to cancel your momentum unless you're hit with a war bow. The tyrant is still leaping through the air and crashing down, there should be an impact regardless! You are righyt though that is dependent on those other things, against a good enemy team covering the sky, when the other vampires initiate and the humans are distracted that's the perfect time to jump in and start disrupting.

17th Jan 2015, 16:11
1. Agree with this 100%. would never pick another pistol. Heavy is easier to use and hence ends up doing more damage, and better for punishing quick peaks. And it sounds badass

2. I've always thought a fly by slash or air charge move (just for damage and no stun/knockdown) would be a nice variation from just pick them up #1 and pick them up #2.

3. Poor tyrant does needs some love with the charge attack, but as Khalith said at least the devs have acknowledged that it is a problem. Also not a fan of jump, too many counters. I personally don't think scout knives should knock tyrants out of leap.

17th Jan 2015, 18:04
I'd like it if the Tyrant's jump animation was reworked to where he starts with a flip that he completes right past the the top of the arc (where you are most vulnerable) to make it a little hard to get hit.

I actually like the quick pistols more than the heavies, with tinkerer I have 17 rounds to work with per clip and once crafting gets here I can work with 19. The recoil is minimal and it is great for when you are side stepping a vamp that is right on you.

19th Jan 2015, 14:29
1. I like quick pistols and heavy but i suck with prophet so....
2. Sent is tons of fun but only really good against low to mid skill teams almost useless against a real good team (with a few exceptions)
3.I would say Tyrant might be my current favorite. he is still tough to play against better teams but not as tough as sent IMO but they could both use a little love.

Reaver is currently not OP (just the best choice against good teams) and prob my least fav to play with i wish pounce was a superior choice over kick in some way.