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15th Jan 2015, 21:01
Please introduce a more potent scoring system than frag count!

When I play sentinel, with decently experienced players, if I focus only on grabbing kills, then my team loses. If I don't, and play as a good support should, I get almost the worst kills in my team, but my team wins!

So even if I helped my team take a win, I get rewarded with a measly 500-600 XP points, while other teammates took 1700+. It is very frustrating!

16th Jan 2015, 00:11
Assists give variable points based on damage done before the kill. The scoring system is fine.

P.S. don't focus on only abducts when playing sent, and avoid abducting low-hp players for a kill if another vampire is attacking them ... you're better off grabbing a higher-hp player in the near vicinity.

16th Jan 2015, 13:31
Assist points do not give ENOUGH points if you do not make the kill. Also, a good aoe stun can cause your teammates to rip the enemies to shreds, while you are gunned down. You did a measly 800 damage per total but caused your team to get 4 frags, while your teammates each got 1 kill. In the end, their score is a lot higher. THAT is why you see a lot of Turelims refusing to initiate/distract (even though they are tougher than Sentinels and with more escapes): because they know that the vampire who initiates first will almost certainly going to die first and get less frags in their team and lowest XP.

If I really want XP with my Sentinel, I will ALWAYS slack, wait for my teammates to initiate and take some damage and cause the enemy to blow all their specials, and then I abduct like an ****. At the end of the round I still get 8-9 kills even if my team loses. It is better than if I get 3 kills and my team wins!

The argument that "Assists give variable points based on damage done before the kill" is not "fine" by any means; it is rudimentary.

If you want a fine scoring system, look to games like BF4. It is utter **** in other regards and boring as hell, but its scoring system does not let any team-oriented action go unrewarded. It has points for: assists(ofc), supression, specific item/ability usage (in nosgoth could be for successfully blinding or stunning, or burning), using the terrain in your favour (in nosgoth could be rewards for huge turelim jumps, huge pounces, or to humans for dodging abduction at the last second!)etc.

At the end of the round, each player got almost the same level of XP either way they played the round, be it by hunting for frags, or helping the team out.

PS(edit): One more cool scoring mechanic in BF4 is that if you damage an enemy around 60% and a teammate comes and "steals" the kill, you both get points for the full kill. In nosgoth you get only those 60% of damage that you did, and your teammate takes 100%

16th Jan 2015, 15:31
I disagree i often get lets say 120 or 124 Xp for Assits, if another Player gets a Kill from my team the Rewad is Quite good as it is, same goes also for less Damage, or Group Damage :)

I also think it is good the Way it is.
Teamplay also gives a lot of Points.

I always here "Killstealing" ingame, but how can a Team be killstealing ???
124 xp or 150 what does ist matter.You get enough of XP over Time.

I also know BF4,(i did a lot of XP abusing there) but i disagree with op.
(im always open for ideas)