View Full Version : ESL Closed Beta Cup Series #11

14th Jan 2015, 23:45
Hey guys! The Nosgoth Closed Beta Cup #11 is Sunday!

With open beta nearing, this will be the final month for the Closed Beta Cup. There will be a cup this Sunday and next, then a monthly final, after that we'll move into a new series!
Exciting new things are unfolding before our very eyes, the hype is real!

EU can sign up here:

NA can sign up here:

The prizes for 1st place are 200€/$200

Also, don't forget about the Nosgoth Global TDM ladder here: http://play.eslgaming.com/nosgoth/global/nosgoth/open/nosgoth-open-4on4-tdm-ladder/
If you have any questions about this cup, previous cups, or even upcoming cups, let me know!

Good luck and have fun,