View Full Version : Possibility of a Square-Enix iteration of the Namco X series?

13th Jan 2015, 21:19
Although we've seen competing fighting games cross over with one another, I dunno why we don't see something similar with competing JRPGs.

Because of this, i'm curious as to whether or not it'd be possible for Square-Enix to approach Bandai Namco to include both Final Fantasy and the competing Tales series as the core components for a future Namco X game.

When thinking about this, I can already imagine a few pros and cons of this idea, with the pros being:
-We get to hear Motoi Sakuraba's interpretations of Final Fantasy's soundtrack along with Nobuo Uematsu's interpretations of the Tales soundtrack
-Final Fantasy meets the Linear Motion Battle System
-Yuri Lowell vs Cloud Strife

Aaand the cons:
-Seeing the Tales series mixed with the Active Time Battle system would be off-putting to some
-I can definitely see fanboy arguments regarding Tetsuya Nomura's renditions of Tales characters and Kosuke Fujishima's renditions of Final Fantasy characters.

27th Jan 2015, 20:24
That's an interesting idea you have there.

I would love to see how they interact with each other like in the Tales of games. I also like the art style and graphics of the Tales of games and the Final Fantasy series.