View Full Version : How To: Test new weapons and explore the maps in Nosgoth.

13th Jan 2015, 04:30
This is a response to the thread about a shooting range for weapons. But given that some people are likely unaware of what I'm about to post, I decided that this warrants it's own thread.

The way to test out weapons in a free environment:

Step 1. Go to the store and rent the weapon you want to test.
Step 2. Hit Play and to to Private Match.
Step 3. Press Start Private server.
Step 4. In the private lobby select your map and the time limit.
Step 5: Select the side you want, left side is humans, right side is vampires.
Step 6. Hit Force Start. This starts the match (yes it works even if you're by yourself) and allows you to move around the map alone so you can test the weapon you're using.

I grant this is not the best solution as you don't have anything to shoot at, but it does allow you to get a feel for whatever weapon or ability you want to use.

Note: As of writing this thread I was unable to start a private lobby, I don't know if there is an issue with them or if the private lobby servers are messed up, but assuming you can connect to them, the above process will work.

You are now free to run around whatever map and explore to your heart's content.