View Full Version : idea about crafting (dead vampires could drop rarly an orb)

9th Jan 2015, 18:03
after playing a while path of excile a longer time ago , i got fascinated how addictive the game was because of the crafting system + hardcore setting. there was no gold but orbs which counted as currency and was used for crafting


think something like that would give nosgoth a nice gamble aswell ir could inspire the devs ,especially in the misterious items sectzion , make the mi have 4 stats , and the possebility to roll 3-7 movespeed and co , so you have more fun with the crafting system . make it possible to upgrade a rare ability to a misterious with an orb and that we can reroll stats with a special orb or remove 1 stat and try it again.

think such an orb crafting system could fit and be fun for nosgoth aswell. people not get rich because they use there currency for crafting. and if they already have the best rolls maybe they could sell trade it with players and get motivated to play further

in path of exile i have seen a lot of players enjoy the gambling, farming for 2 days and then hope for luck XD will i need 3 orbs or 10 XD