View Full Version : ranked games lvl 40 + only and no lvl cap

8th Jan 2015, 23:17
think the game could get ranked matchs for lvl 40 + guys
normal stats should only show won lost matches
and ranked stats , where everything is balanced should go deeper with damage accuracy and more or a seperated profile for normal and ranked games

atm all lvl 40´s which would be lvl 120 already, if there would ne no lvl cap, get matched up with noobs

that brings me to the second suggestion

why cap the lvl at 40? and not make it unlimited. in chivalery you can see if someone is a veteran or a real old veteran
every lvl over 50 requires more then 2000 kills so when you see a lvl 60 guy you know he have 4k h + and so.

after lvk 50 60 you get different colored helmets as reward , like an folden or purple one

9th Jan 2015, 07:49
The motiviation for nosgoth as a F2P game is very low imo.

1. Level Cap 40 (you reach it in about 2 month. There should be no cap and a chest for every 5 levels and a special item for every 10)
2. Class Cap 25 (you reach your most played class really fast, especially when you have the immoral booster)
3. "Coming Soon" Class rewards (sorry to say that, but "soon" is long gone and it is absurd)

The only motivation in terms of items/skins are class rewards for reaching lvl 25, but there are none for 5 classes.

So random high lvl players without a team like me, log in every now and then. When you are lucky you have a nearly even match, when you are unlucky you fight a team and lose, maybe log out after that thinking "I'll wait for more players and better MM"

9th Jan 2015, 10:11
That's not what experience levels are for. It's just for rewarding effort, not skill. Players could have a 1/10 k/d ratio and still still reach level 40 if they played for long enough, but that wouldn't make them any good at the game.

While I don't think the matchmaking is doing very well at the moment and should take more stats into account, I don't think the exp level is a valid one to use. You can fool it into thinking you're more skilled than you are just through sheer persistence and lots of boosters.

Now, if the match making value took the time played into account used values that aren't effected by boosters, then it might start to be useful.

Perhaps something like:
At the end of every match, check the average score or k/d ratio, compare it with every other player in the match including enemies, scale by the time played and use the result as a measure of your performance.