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8th Jan 2015, 19:20
So I had this idea that makes more sense to me than the current implementation of basic attacks for both humans and vamps, and I just thought I'd share.

My suggestion would be to increase the weapon spread and recoil for all human weapons by about 2%.
To counter-balance that, vampire's basic attack range should be reduced for about the same: 2%
These numbers can be changed based on what works realistically, but you get the point. In my opinion, vamps are too accurate on tracking and humans could be a tiny bit less accurate. This would probably encourage the use of the vamps' charged attacks more than just RIP 'N TEAR using basics. or maybe reduce the basic attack speed instead?

Any thoughts on how this would affect the gameplay at all? I really just want to hear what others have to say about this.

8th Jan 2015, 20:15
This is an interesting idea but I don't think that you can generalize this nerf to every character of each faction. For example Tyrant already has problems to catch up with fleet-footed humans (just my opinion but it feels definitely harder than for example with a Reaver. Yes, I refer to attack-dodge movement). On the human side the spread and recoil changes would have a bigger effect on Hunters and Prophets compared to Scouts and Alchemists (and Alchemist does not require any nerfs at all, even the -10 dmg from one of the latest updates was not necessary). Also note that charged attacks imho already have a fitting place in this game (all good players I have met use charged attacks on a regular basis: for closing gaps, for the first hit from a hideout, to break through AoEs like Alchemists Flame Wall or to trigger Scout Traps intentionally and so on. The problem is that it is very situational and thus rarely used in lower levels). To reduce the no-brainer-aspect of melee strikes I would rather recommend a reduction of the angular degree of melee attacks. Of course this also can't be a generalized adjustment, it has to be done for every character seperately (for example Reaver melee strikes are incredibly easy to hit, which again is just my opinion).


8th Jan 2015, 20:32
These numbers are so small that they wouldn't have any effect.

Secondly, the recoil is only significant to newer players, and experienced players can keep any reasonable change to recoil in check. To disrupt that you'd need to add ludicrous amounts which make playing as humans just irritating. Changes to spread are bad, as it increases the impact of an RNG, which no one really likes.

Third, the vampire's attack range is the length of their arms, due to this game not using hitboxes. If you mean the lunge distance, then that has already been tweaked up down left right and all over the board to get to where it is now.

8th Jan 2015, 20:54
Sorry, I should have been more specific.

I would rather recommend a reduction of the angular degree of melee attacks.
This is mostly what I meant, but even if it were to be changed (i.e. for a shorter circular distance per basic) most advanced players would probably be able to get around this anyway.
For example if you dodge an attack, vamps shouldn't be able to instantly melee- turn around during the attack- and still hit. it just seems unfair. Yes, it does help with their mobility (which is their strong point), but it's almost too inhuman lol.

These numbers are so small that they wouldn't have any effect.
That's why the numbers aren't as important as the concept of the changes. I can't possibly know exactly how much it will change the gameplay, so putting a number like 25% or 1% as an example wouldn't matter. Just a small -but noticeable- change would be fine.