View Full Version : more objects flying arround (destoyable things ragdoll objects) and performence

8th Jan 2015, 11:25
think the maps look really nice grafic wise , but they could get more props flying arround with ragdoll when you throw a granate and stuff like that , more birds

maybe a market stall and some more props and destoyable objects would be nice (dont mean walls and so) just that you see some stuff flying arround when a tank make his jump attack or granades flying arround

sure with an option to turn it off and make it static , if you have lag on an old machine .
anyways like the atmosphere of the maps already with all the corpses and co well done XD

hope the performence get still a bit better
ok i have an old grafic card atm which will be upgraded soon a radeon 7800 seris , an ssd ,8 gb ram and i7 processor

32 fps i got at the moment with all on medium . but i have to say that i play on 2560 *1600 res . i coudnt fin an fps counter and played with lag for quite some time till i found msi afterburner.

some setups especially with high res monitors need some love in the game options to run it well , so i think an ingame fps counter is a must to be able to adjust the grafic till the game runs well .

with the fps counter i could turn down all grafic options and adjust the game to 1900* 1200 res and could get 60 fps.

my damage imporved XD

8th Jan 2015, 19:01
No thanks.
I already have problems with my GPU temp and adding more things to the screen wouldn't help, especially with finding vamps and getting confused. Any slight movement on the map distracts you from the real target if you don't know what to ignore.