View Full Version : SentiHell clan is opening its doors !!

8th Jan 2015, 09:14

Clan Leader: Distort aka Burial_Ground

steamgroup http://steamcommunity.com/groups/sentihell

Tag: [STH]

A new clan and future warband (already reserved) for nosgoth and also ESL competition.
I am looking for good players who know how to work as a team.
You must be flexible and switch to the right classes when needed.
This means you have a good foresight, and dont stick to one class only.
Also you are eager to master all classes.
This way you'll become a better all-round player.

So add me on steam or have a chat with me in the sentihell's chatbox.
(use above steamlink for this)
or reply here of course

- mic or teamspeak not required
- main lanuguage : English
- servers EU & USA
- level requirement 10+ (all classes unlocked/or willing to do so)
- SLOTS available 16/20

8th Jan 2015, 09:28
and also ESL competition.

- mic or teamspeak not required

i dont get it

gl searchin, free push

8th Jan 2015, 09:39
not everyone likes to scream through a mic. or listen to other players shouting.
i'd like to keep the game competitive but still fun.

14th Jan 2015, 15:34
I'm interested; level 24 NA player. Have all classes unlocked with 2 spare tokens. Can play all classes but mostly deceiver and prophet as a support role. Have a mic and don't mind talking and can work with a team but won't be the one calling the shots.

Steam name: Celeress