View Full Version : This game was real fun!

8th Jan 2015, 04:11
What a great game, it was so much fun to play more fun when more people join in. Someone give these guys more money to make more stuff for the game. Its to short and I loved every second of it I played. Please consider making a bigger version of this style of game, its real fun! Great gameplay, excellent controls and tons o fun! those people who spent alot of sleepless nights coding this game did a great job! I preordered this game and thought it would be averagish but it was alot more fun than I was expecting.

8th Jan 2015, 19:33
Great to see some positivity! :D

I agree wholeheartedly - I too enjoyed every second of the game (much like Guardian of Light back then) and absolutely hope them to keep this spin-off franchise alive. If we have to wait another 4 years for LC3, so be it - it'll still be worth the wait. :)

28th Jan 2015, 11:20
I thought LCTOO was a lot better than GOL. I hope those who hate this game just because of the ROTTR deal don't stop there being an LC3.

28th Jan 2015, 13:17
Well considering how the shakey-cam turned me off the "reboot" Tomb Raider (2013) the sequel not being on PS4 just makes it even easier to ignore. I've really enjoyed Temple of Osiris and Guardian of Light and am certainly up for more of this style of game. I'm looking forward to the next DLC.

24th Feb 2015, 00:57
Thanks so much for the kind words! I've shared them with the LCTOO team. :D

22nd Jun 2015, 09:11
i haven't finish playing this yet best get on with it :)

7th Jul 2015, 02:25
I enjoyed the Hell out of it. What I think I like most about the 'LC' games is the puzzles, which '2' does just as good as 'G.O.L.' did. And it's very satisfying to beat the time trials on these levels. Especially the "Tomb Of The Torturer" and "Architect" ones.

22nd Mar 2016, 22:09
Yeah I agree aswell I got it on the first day it came out in 2014 and the game was a lot of fun the puzzles,guns and gameplay was thoroughly enjoyable and plus I got the gold edition on ps4 and I was very pleased with it cause the box and the map,figure and artbook were very,very nice.��

5th Apr 2016, 22:49
I really loved the way they presented Lara in this game and the mix and complexity of puzzles is really great. The timing of enemy ambushes keeps you on your toes and the soundtrack is really cool too. It is tons of fun as a co-op and things like the line to TRLR and use of the secret plink are delightful. The voice acting is great but the game is a little bit short. There is so much from this that I wish was part of the main series direction.

19th Apr 2016, 13:21
The puzzles in this game are fantastic and it really has captured that element of making you think about what you have do than just go in a shoot-em up. I never thought co-op could work in a TR game but I have absolutely changed my mind. I think this is Keeley Hawes best voice acting so far and the banter with Lara and the other characters is cool. It probably my fav TR game since CD took over the series.