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8th Jan 2015, 01:19
Hi, TR & LC fans ! I'm Fear Effect from TRF, and I'm just here because I want Square/Crystal to see this. It's about Lara's face.

Meagan said that the new and very beautiful LCTOO model was a modern version of Classic Lara. They did a very good job. But some of the fans said that they wanted to separate Reboot Lara and Classic Lara. And after all, I think that's a good idea. She looks exactly like reboot Lara with Underworld hair. Remember that some Tomb Raiders fans may don't like Lara's look on the reboot. That's why it's important for me to separate the classic and the modern Lara.

larafan25 and me were working on realistic remakes of classic in-game Laras. The result :

(work in progress)

What Crystal should do for LC3 :

1. Separate Classic Lara and Reboot Lara. Make her face look like the Lara we all love, Core Design Lara! Make a realistic remake of one of the old-shool low-poly in-game models or FMV models !

2. Stop changing her into a modern Lara, you'll end up doing the same thing you are doing for the reboot. The spin-off isn't supposed to be a reboot. And try to do something very old-school (or at least, as costume). No modern backpack. No modern belt/holsters. Classic guns. Classic boots (or simly, normal stuff). Something very old-shool but realistic at the same time.

3. DO ANIMATED CUTSCENES ! This is one thing I just hate about LCTOO. I want to see life on their body. I want to see them walking differently, I want to see them talking together. I want to see that the characters i'm controlling are alive. This could have helped with the story. I'm not sure about what I'm saying but it looks like the story is just here to be... here. I mean the main point of this game is to have fun with friends or alone. But classic Lara is there, and classic fans are also interested on the story. Cutscenes always help with this.

That's my opinion as an old-shoold/classic Tomb Raider fan. I loved LCTOO, it's a fun and very beautiful game.

8th Jan 2015, 21:17
As you haven't added AoD Lara, I thought I would. So here she is:


I really love the work you andLF25 have been doing with Classic Lara. Keep it up!

8th Jan 2015, 23:23
The AoD one (the one on the right) looks amazing! :worship:

8th Jan 2015, 23:29
Oh yes Rai you are right I forgot.

Here's the updated version :


9th Jan 2015, 21:15
Amazing work FearEffect and Larafan25!!! Quite impressive!

10th Jan 2015, 15:32
AOD looks even better with the glasses, nice work! My favourite has to be the TRII Lara

28th Jan 2015, 11:18
I will be difficult if fans want separate faces in both main and LC titles for future games. I think she didn't look much like Lara in TR(2013) but in DE and LCTOO her face looks great again.