View Full Version : Sending you feedback from Noscam files.

7th Jan 2015, 23:33
Can I send you guys a Noscam file and request that this kind of crap gets removed from the game?

If so where do I find the file in question and how best to send it to you?

8th Jan 2015, 14:06
What kinda crap?

8th Jan 2015, 15:45
Maybe hacking/toxic player/unfair team? Last time I used Noscam it didn't display names or chat text, which would be great if it did(and shame on me if it already does).

8th Jan 2015, 16:06
How to find:

Go to noscam section in the game. Determine which of the recent games is the relevant one (5 recent games are stored if the game in question was more than 5 games ago it's gone), archive it, click the "open archive folder" in bottom right corner. The files with the highest number will be the ones.

The bad news is that noscam files were made incompatible again today.