View Full Version : USER INTERFACE Key Binding Bug

25th Jul 2014, 04:42
Situation of Bug
Just opened the game and opened up the settings because I was going to modify my resolution. Anyways, I go to click on the bindings page. The bindings page only shows the key for only the first one, Move Forward, while there appear no keys for the rest of the keys.
On top of this, the boxes that the key binds appear in, there is only a box for the Move Forward action. There is no "Secondary" box that appears for the Move Forward Action

If there is any more information that I can provide to help benefit the game please don't hesitate to ask as I am browsing the forums everyday (steam and website).


25th Jul 2014, 09:31
I´ve seen the same thing, it takes a couple of tries to open the menu and they will be there. It only started doing this after latest patch.