View Full Version : TYRANT Turelim's Throw

24th Jul 2014, 08:57
Simple question: how and in which situations you should use it(and how do you aim this darn thing)?

Mostly I used it when hiding from pursuing hunter on the ledge. He finds me, I throw him off (and sometimes even land a kill) before he can react.

24th Jul 2014, 11:35
You don't aim, you throw him in which every way you were facing when you grabbed him.

In terms of when to use, it's usually safe once all the fighting has started and your team had engaged. I usually try to sneak up on somebody, throw them then charge while they're recovering.

24th Jul 2014, 13:17
Yup, no aiming the "Darn thing". When you are doing your melee's you need to walk/roll around your enemy until correctly positioned first. I would say this is the Tyrants best Primary Ability in 1 versus 1 fights, but in large group fights (where other humans can shoot/CC you) it is by far the worst one. Sometimes if you engage the group of humans from behind unnoticed you can grab the last one and pray none of the others turn around. With all smoke bombs, choking haze, air strikes, etc., one human can sometimes run just barely out of the Line Of Sight of his team (around a corner or behind some object) and that's when a good throw can be used in the middle of a "team fight" (this kind of makes it a 1v1 for that short time they are separated).

1st Aug 2014, 04:48
I use it to get some quick damage in and take a threat out of a group if I have to take on more than one opponent. Ex if I jump in on a group of three guys I'll throw the guy with the most health and try and finish off the other two. If I can throw him to some team mates, so much the better.

1st Aug 2014, 07:37
A combo that often works pretty well for me is going enraged, charging through their area out of sight again. When comming back there should be fighting all over the place already. Now you can either do some swings or use the throw as CC against players with nasty potential. I usually try to use it as finishing move but often enough its CC and I got charge the target again to keep him in stunlock. Undying wisdom of great help there as it makes it very likely to have enrage and charge ready again midfight. Both synergize very well with throw.

9th Sep 2014, 13:02
I think Turelim should totally be able to aim the ability, too many times have I enjoyed throwing a hunter off a bridge or roof where a Sentinel dropped him, it is too fun. Almost as much fun as sniping a jump attacking Tyrant with the warbow and having him complain.

9th Sep 2014, 14:09
I love to use throw in conjunction with charge. The CD on charge is short enough that you can use it to initiate then when you go and clean up charge is back off CD. One nice little combo is throw followed by charge, since the human is still recovering, the charge will always hit them with no way for them to avoid it. I kind of want to use both with berserk and see how it works out.