View Full Version : About the PS4: I'm in a pickle as of right now!

24th Jul 2014, 06:34
Hello to everyone who decides to read this post, Right now I really want to buy a new PS4. I want to trade in or sell my 360 with the 10+ games I own to purchase it and I have been reading and listening to a lot of reviews about it but I hear that it is not backwards compatible with older gen games and my scariest thoughts are what if I were to purchase this system and I can't play all of the older Final Fantasy's or any of the Kingdom Hearts series. I also want to know if Square Enix will be remastering games for the new consoles or even if all of the games will be included in this "Play Station Now" feature? I really need to know because I am dying to buy and play all of these games that Square Enix has to offer but it all depends on the system I purchase. I am not really a PC gamer I have only played Xbox and on it FFXIII but after hearing of KH 1.5 and 2.5 remastered I just really want to play them! So now I am playing the waiting game and just researching as much as I can on the PS4 and I really need some info and opinions about this dilemma.

Thank you