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22nd Jul 2014, 23:41
Title says it all, it's been 15 minutes or more now and I've been reading other complains about this, some I've read, are still waiting for days and i am not willing to wait that long, sorry. I've purchased my warlord pack at around 7:25 am +08:00 GMT. (Philippines) and I've haven't received an email to confirm my purchase (Paypal). I'm posting a new thread hoping there's a solid solution to the problem now? Please help, i'm so excited, i really want to play Nosgoth.

23rd Jul 2014, 01:34
it's been more than hours now, and no one has even replied to my thread :( i want to cry.... and also i've tried the:

If you have not received your Nosgoth Founder's Pack/Bundle purchase e-mail yet, you can see your codes by following these steps:
Log in to your Square Enix Members account here (for US accounts, go here),
Select "My Profile",
Select "View your Nosgoth Founder's Pack codes".
Please note that the link will only be visible if you have logged in to the game at least once after completing the purchase.

But the thing is, i can't log in to my game because i haven't completed my purchase!!!!!!!!

23rd Jul 2014, 08:37
Have you tried contacting our customer support? (https://support.nosgoth.com/system/templates/selfservice/nosgoth/#!portal/1001)

23rd Jul 2014, 09:42
Have you tried contacting our customer support? (https://support.nosgoth.com/system/templates/selfservice/nosgoth/#!portal/1001)

yes i have, i emailed them my problem. the chat wasnt working at that time

23rd Jul 2014, 09:49
Ok, thanks. If they won´t get back to you, I´ll notify SE.

23rd Jul 2014, 10:06
They haven't , i've contacted them this morning and it's already night time.. i keep refreshing my yahoo the whole day :)
They did response, but they just notified it, no real solution given to me. I don't know how long it will take them.

24th Jul 2014, 05:41
When is nosgoth going to be available in my country? (philippines)