View Full Version : SOMMERDAMM How to ruin the game

22nd Jul 2014, 11:33
When all enemy players decide to change their class to alchemist for some unknown reasons... and you play with pathetic team - hide them on the top of the high tower where standard weapons/abilities cannot reach them! Then just wait until humans gets bored so they'll quit. Vampires which showed us this tactic should be very proud of themselves, in the end they get slaughtered only in 1st round. :)

22nd Jul 2014, 12:33
When all players are alchys, i would be a sent and destroy them

22nd Jul 2014, 14:07
or tyrants and stunlock them, and alchs are great for building up enrage with out the risk of actually dying, and their size makes it hard to deal full splash damage to multiple vampires.

25th Jul 2014, 20:06
Just wanted to know; is there a suicide button in Nosgoth? I am away from my gaming computer right now but from what I can recall the only way to switch classes is to die. A suicide button would help deal with troll-y tactics like this, as the humans could have switched to a class that could reach the vampires. It would also have similar affects for vampires but probably to a lesser degree.

25th Jul 2014, 20:11
There isn´t one, but classes with AoE can kill themselves.

25th Jul 2014, 21:17
The water on freeport is also instant death for vampires. Otherwise only reavers can kill themselves.

26th Jul 2014, 09:56
Adding or unblocking /stuck console command in game chat which respawns your character is the simplest solution. It will also help with stuck issues - enemy player won't get an easy kill while you are unable to move.