View Full Version : Nosgoth compatible for Nvida 3 vision ?

5th Jan 2015, 11:41
just thought about buying this gaming monitor which have
-1 ms reaction time
-2560*1440 res
144 hz 3d

http://www.pcgameshardware.de/LCD-Hardware-154105/Tests/Asus-ROG-PG278Q-Test-1130585/ second vis is interesting 140 hz looks nice

somehow i would like to play chivalery and nosgoth in 3d

-is nosgoth 3d compatible can you reach the needed 120 fps in 3d with a resolution of 2560*1440 with the best graficcard from nvidia the gtx 980 ???
or do you need 2 grafic cards to run nosgoth on such a high res in 3d on 120 fps ??

and what would be better 2 cheeper graficcards or the newest one ? hopefully someone can help me XD