View Full Version : Sentinel Guide by Dead Sun Silent

5th Jan 2015, 06:29
Hey guys, Dead Sun bringing you our first ever guide!


Big thanks to Bluefeverjames for helping me with this!

On another note, our guide site is almost complete and Ill be making another thread with the exact details later, if your interested in helping me make more guides, or wish to ask questions please post here and ill get back to you as soon as i can.

5th Jan 2015, 12:55
Great guide, I didn't even know about the health station trick! It'd be really interesting to see an actual match narrated as a follow-up to see how some of these things play out in practice.

I look forward to seeing the guide site!

5th Jan 2015, 13:05
I have the recording, was going to do a voice over later today or tomorrow depending on time constraints, thanks for the input bro.

6th Jan 2015, 17:25
Let me please remind you, that we do not allow naming and shaming on the forums. Please continue the discussion in accordance with our ToU, thank you.

7th Jan 2015, 01:47
This thread does not contain any naming or shaming.... I'm confused.

My video editor is going to be uploading the next one soon.

7th Jan 2015, 10:06
That was aimed at another user.

7th Jan 2015, 14:06
Thanks very much Raina, Lets hope the rest of the community can enjoy this video at least :), next one coming soon guys!