View Full Version : Gangsters: Organized Crime. inspired game!

4th Jan 2015, 15:25
Hello everyone!
i'm here to inform the fans of the greatest mafia strategy game ever created that we're currently working on a game inspired by it, you cold say we're recreating it! As an upcoming Indie dev we're planning on makingthis game Free to play on: Gamejolt, IndieDB and various more indie sites. if you want to know more about the game please feel free to visit our official website http://criminalizedgame.webs.com/ for even more information, visit the Gamejolt page http://gamejolt.com/games/strategy-sim/criminalized/43770/

We hope all fans are glad to hear that soon they're able to get the mafia experience they got when playing Gangsters: organized crime!

Donations are ofcourse most appreciated but unnecessary at the moment!

Sincerely, Mick Schreuder.