View Full Version : ESL Closed Beta Cup Series #9

3rd Jan 2015, 18:20
Hey guys! The Nosgoth Closed Beta Cup #9 is Sunday!

The monthly final is going to happen on Wednesday, the 7th as well. We'll see the top teams from both regions battling it out for a total prize of 500€/$500! It should be a good one, as a small re-cap of the last one, Dead Sun won the EU cup and At won the NA one.

You can also read about the week 7 and 8 cups here. (http://play.eslgaming.com/nosgoth/news/252367/Nosgoth-Closed-Beta-Cup-Series-7-8-Recap/)

EU can sign up here:

NA can sign up here:

The prizes for 1st place are 200€/$200

If you have any questions about this cup, previous cups, or even upcoming cups, let me know!

Good luck and have fun,