View Full Version : 3rd Charged attack Combo

3rd Jan 2015, 06:28
This is more aimed at Psyonix than anything but whatever:

I was fooling and noticed the reaver actually has a 3rd charged attack. If you do the first 2 attacks normal, then charge the 3rd, he does a weird pounce forward into a slash, and it seems to have much greater range than the other attacks when charged. This also works if you charge the first strike, normal attack, then charge the 3rd. I tested the other 3 vampires to see their versions, but they actually don't have it. I was wondering why that is? If one was added what would you guys like to see from the other 3 vampires, because I think it's pretty cool.

3rd Jan 2015, 12:23
Pretty sure the Reaver's 3rd charge attack doesn't go any further, unlike the Tyrants 2nd. It's quite nice regardless though, since he appears to approach on all 4s, low to the ground and hard to shoot. Great for ducking under Bolas.

As for why the others don't have this... Probably the same reason the Tyrant has no variance at all*: Reasons.

*Sans the slight difference of going 2 feet further for the 2nd charge attack.