View Full Version : MISC. Customizable Banners

2nd Jan 2015, 04:43
Another suggestion for down the line,

What do you guys think of custom banner crafting, maybe something involving a choice of base color, pattern or effect in the background, and the symbol of your desired vampire clan or human faction on the right side of the banner (next to your name)?

Perhaps some things, like the symbol of the human faction or vampire clan, could be unlocked by maxing the class associated with it; and others as part of daily quests.

I imagine this would be nice for esl teams, non esl teams, and private players looking to stand out a little more in the lobbies.

5th Jan 2015, 14:47
not sure how i feel about this, might make me think the banners i have specially aren't as special

5th Jan 2015, 15:06
Hmm, I think that could be quite cool. Instead of buying a specific banner you'd buy components, like background, symbol, colour, then put them together to get a unique banner.

7th Jan 2015, 04:43
not sure how i feel about this, might make me think the banners i have specially aren't as special

I understand the concern; but components for banners like the alpha, along with those from events, could still only be exclusive to those players that earned it by satisfying its conditional requirements or purchased it while it was available for the limited time only.

Instead of making your banner less special, you could be making it more uniquely your own.

7th Jan 2015, 13:56
either way its not a big deal to me

7th Jan 2015, 14:30
Maybe they could do something like Uncharted 3 do with the banners that get scattered through out the level. Those are built up from a fixed set of predefined images, but with customisable colours etc. That way you couldn't just screenshot the ones people have already paid for to get them for free.

The banners are a very low priority issue though. Skins don't effect gameplay much, but at least with those, you can think about the character's backstory etc, but you can only express so much in the small strip behind a person's name. With regards to displaying them in the level (which, I know I brought up, but wasn't my main point), that could be cool too, but I'd rather keep the lore relevant material personally.

I would like to see some banners that feature clan symbols and the ones the humans have on the lore pages though. You could sort of fly the flag of your favorite faction. I'd also like to see at least the evolved skins, but ideally all showing in the HUD where your teams faces are displayed, since it currently just has the default.

All low priority though.

8th Jan 2015, 16:36
Yeah I think it would be cool to be able to make your own banner/logo like uncharted, halo, and other games.
Have a base set of base colors, borders, and image designs to choose from- and maybe even using multiple images to mix together/overlay on top of each other with their own separate colors to make your "own" design- like say how halo/etc have done before. Then have other borders/designs you could buy with gold/rs, or get them at reaching certain levels.
While I think this would be more effective for clans, it would still be nice as people love customization and making things their own, their way.

But I must agree, it is a low priority and also doesn't matter to me either way.