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17th Dec 2014, 09:03
I was really disappointed when the original FFXIII release didn't have the choice available, SE didn't seem to care but there was suspicion it was because of licensing costs or whatnot.

Now though, FFXIV has the option, FFXIII and XIII-2 PC releases both have had the option.. does this mean I can hope that FFXV might have the option? Or is it just a pipe dream..

Note I'm not trying to start a "DUB VS SUB" argument here, if you love the English voices that's fine I'm not trying rile you up. More choice is always good, right?

29th Dec 2014, 23:21
The demo WILL have both Japanese and English audio, and Tabata has said they're trying to get it into the final game.

30th Dec 2014, 16:51
Basically I want the choice to listen to the Japanese audio and turn on the subs in your native language. I'm in North America, but I think people all over the world would like this option. The re-dubs are cringe worthy and I don't want to be forced to listen to them!!

This is specific to Final Fantasy XV right now. But my wish is for this to become a standard for the series!

I'm hoping to get enough support on this that Square hears our request!!

31st Dec 2014, 00:34
Hello !! I am a big fan of the series final fantasy, then I would ask that when final fantasy XV is released, the game may have in your options the possibility of the player to choose the language in both voices as in subtitles. I love the Japanese voiceovers and for me it was very frustrating to have been forced to play final fantasy XIII with the voices in English. I am Brazilian, but like much of the voices in Japanese than in English. Please ask to consider this request, I believe it is not something difficult to do, since Final Fantasy XIII has been translated into some languages. Well ... thank you, and wish much success in the release of Final Fantasy XV.

(translated by google translator):scratch:


Olá!! Sou muito fã da série final fantasy, então, gostaria de pedir para que quando final fantasy XV for lançado, o jogo possa ter em suas opções a possibilidade do jogador escolher o idioma, tanto nas vozes quanto nas legendas. Adoro as dublagens japonesas e para mim foi muito frustante ter sido obrigado a jogar final fantasy XIII com as vozes em inglês. Sou brasileiro, mas gosto muito mais das vozes em japones do que em inglês. Por favor peço que considerem esse pedido, acredito que não seja algo dificil de se fazer, já que Final Fantasy XIII foi traduzido para alguns idiomas. Bem...muito obrigado, e desejo muito sucesso no lançamento de Final Fantasy XV.

31st Dec 2014, 02:45
Google Translate is good.

They've said they're trying to get it in. Oh, and you can buy Final Fantasy XIII on Steam right now, and it has the Japanese voices in.