View Full Version : HUMANS Reload

29th Dec 2014, 19:57
So after the last dps nerf on the humans i find that their increased reload time are a lil bit to much especially on the hunter 2.5s are alot of time in such fast paced game like nosgoth.

My suggestions is to bring back the old 'short' reload times but make them cancelable...for exaple 1 vamp melee and the reload is canceled, a dodge roll while reloading and the reload is canceled it, you get stunned by an ability...you guessed the reload it cancelled.

I think this way its more balanced since humans are already OP as hell in high lvl games but it still keeps the pace of the game so you dont have to run around 2s long and do nothing...

29th Dec 2014, 23:57
I personally think a good way to fix reload issues is Make it so that if you reload half a clip, you can't cancel and continue shooting, for the prophet and hunter atleast. Then return the reload speed to old values.

30th Dec 2014, 02:14
Melee from a vampire canceling reload would be very bad. While higher levels would be able to cope, it would create too many feel bad situations for beginners and intermediate players. The higher reload times aren't there to slow down the game, but to address the fact that vampires melt way too fast when under concentrated fire.

Another option is to pause the reload timer while dodging, and maybe finding a middle ground of reload times between what we have now and what they were.