View Full Version : Sommerdamm Tyrant trickjump

29th Dec 2014, 12:53
A cool trick i discovered on Sommerdamm.

Should be quite useful even in high level lobbies.

29th Dec 2014, 15:09
lol, nice. Very cool find SquirrelInDaSky! Without a doubt it's a bug, that will def get fixed in time. With the devs so focused on getting Open Beta up (as they should be) it could be a little bit before it's fixed though. Enjoy it!

29th Dec 2014, 15:37
Funny bug/glitch, but its not usefull. is it?

29th Dec 2014, 18:14
Haha, nice one! Saw it for the first time on Bitey's stream and it was hilarious. I simply have to try it because it just looks like too much fun.

23rd Jan 2015, 16:09
I believe it is. You can pretty much appear out of nowhere in a middle of capture point in flashpoint, or start a surprise attack in DM.