View Full Version : International Community Tournament Thread 01-03-15?

28th Dec 2014, 22:20
So with the success of the Draft tournaments being so popular, I have a question to the competitive teams of nosgoth. With ESL being slow on adapting to demands or being unable to run an international cup I pose a question to the crowds. Would any of the new, current, and older players be interested in an international tournament? Unless Psyonix/Sqaure were willing to pitch in, there likely wouldn't be anything on the line expect for glory and 4v4 action. Knowing that information would you as a team or individual be willing to play?

I'd be willing to host this event since I have a fair bit of experience in running and organizing international tournaments. My proposed idea for the format will go as follows:

The format would be two games with 15 min round timers on two different maps chosen ahead of time.

For NA-NA or EU-EU team will be allowed to play on the same regional servers on an agreed upon area.
For an international match up each map will be played on a local server for the corresponding team. Example: NA vs EU One map NA Server/one map EU Server.
The round robin style will mean that teams can draw for 1 point or win for 2 points.

With this format it means that both teams will experience the advantage and disadvantages of pings effecting players. With the more 'open' nature of this tournament it would also for players of multiple skills to play against each other. Losing a round in RR tournament doesn't kick you out, and able to play all opponents till the event is finished.

If I were to create/host this event would your team/friends sign up? I know that UDF would be able to participate in this event ^_^

Post your thoughts!

29th Dec 2014, 02:18
I would love to play even though apparently no team has asked me to play with them. Unfortunately Bitey, you are scheduling the tournament on a day when I have to work.... So, unless the tournament starts at night I would not be able to play. Thanks for running these though. Sooner or later you will have it on a Tuesday or Thursday or any day during the week at night when I can actually attend one of these events.

29th Dec 2014, 15:59
I was more looking for peoples thoughts on weather they'd play something like this, not that I'll be for sure hosting one this weekend.

29th Dec 2014, 16:51
My team might be interested in that Tournament !
At least I am.