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28th Dec 2014, 19:57
1. Since the new MMR has been implemented, and I guess even before this, people seem to want to leave during a match. It is extremely annoying for both sides, but more so for the team that is losing. Please implement a penalty for leaving. It could be a 5 minute wait time before joining a new game, or gold loss, or loss of experience. I really don't care. Just some kind of penalty.

2. I guess this is more of a question and a suggestion. Sooooooo what I have noticed on vamp side if the human team is less skilled than our team, they seem to spawn right near the vamps after a full wipe. This basically renders the vamps unable to actually feed and get health back. This kind of turns the tables a bit to human side and makes it a close game because the humans are getting to engage non-healthy vamps. Is this a part of MMR? Like the close spawns are due to people not having a high MMR to offset that? It never seemed to be a problem before....... If it is not due to MMR can you fix the spawn points?

There, Done,

29th Dec 2014, 00:28
1. I agree, make leaving a game cost even more MMR, so that players have an incentive to stay.

29th Dec 2014, 04:40
1. As much as I hate being left by teammates, I really wouldn't like to see a penalty for leaving. I just can't imagine forcing people to play when they really don't want to be there (even if their only reason is "my team sucks") or have real life stuff to take care of. I don't think it's gonna really help my team. I'd rather they left and were replaced quickly.
Plus, I think losing MMR for leaving will do nothing or even have the opposite effect. I prefer to lose MMR cause the lower it is, technically the lower the chance I'll be paired with the greenest rookie in the lobby.

What I would like instead is some incentive for replacements to stay in a game, especially when they join a losing team.

We know the new system tracks the time you've been in a match. Can we have something nice for people who join in the middle and stay till the end? We could start with a loss not counting for their stats. It seems pointless, but many people care about their statistics, they would perhaps be inclined to stay if it was "safe".

29th Dec 2014, 07:57
I only wish for some kind of notification when searching match and finding already existing one.
"-You are already joining to existing match with timer 6:40 - 1 round. Do you want to join anyway?"
Yes- Cool joining, maybe i carry some people, still have fun etc etc.
No - Sorry i want to find empty lobby.

So i will not end up all the time forced to match, i don't want to join. This is more frustrating then leavers. Joining a game when 3 minute left.

29th Dec 2014, 09:07
in my opinion the leavers problem can only be solved fixing the matchmaking (that is right now terrible).
If I am forced to play with players that can barely fly with sentinel, charge alone and die horribly, use dive bomb alone vs 4 enemies, do 2k damage.. that is very very frustrating and I will be tempted to leave due to this frustration. People leave for this reason or because the unbalance of the teams. If you fix these problems creating more balanced teams and, as a consequence, more even matches, people will stay in the game. Of course this can't be always possible and can't be perfect but, in my opinion is the better way to solve this and many other problems.

29th Dec 2014, 10:18
An acceptable penalty in my opinion is that if u leave a game,u shouldn't be able to join another game till that 1 is done,but u still should be able to join that game (in case of a game crush).