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28th Dec 2014, 18:21
Today, i dropped a mysterious viscous cannon, and i thought : "It has been soooooo long since i played this weapon, i do not even remember if it was efficient. Let's try this "
Problem is : when i actually played with it for a couple of match, i felt that the delay between the moment where you stuck the projectile and the moment it explode is too long. This caused my death quite often because the dmg were not applied yet, and it makes finishing of vampires very difficult compared to the hand cannon, because most of the times your ally will just end the life of the poor player with 210 hp or less before your projectile explode.
I was curious, because the viscous cannon is far, far from a weapon i see often when against or with an alchemist, and so i looked up the official guide :
"Viscous Cannon: Similar to a sticky grenade, it has a delay and does not explode on contact instead it sticks to the target and then explodes. This is better if you have good aim and can land your shots on the actual vampire, that said it’s good to lay down on an area if you can predict the vampire’s moves, if you get it right they take one hit after another because they run into it! This is the only weapon that’s actually effective against evasion after it’s activated.'"

These two things bothered me. I usually can land most of my shots correctly (i still miss sometimes, though :p )
but i did not have a feeling that "eh it's better to shoot vampires that way than with the hand cannon !".
For the part saying it's efficient against reavers using evasion, just no :
when evasion is active, the projectile do not stick to the vampire, and because the delay is longer it's simpler to shot with the hand cannon where the reaver is going to finish him off than with the viscous cannon. Of course, if you shoot it BEFORE it does evasion, it's working, but well that's obvious and not really something wonderful and special.

So, i create this topic to collect advices from people used to play with the viscous cannon, and also to gather opinions about the delay : i'm not entirely against the principle of delaying the explosion (well it's the principle of the weapon soooooo) but i reckon the delay should be shorter than that.

I'm sorry for this long post, i don't know if my english is correct, and thank you in advance for providing your point of view on the matter.

28th Dec 2014, 22:53
I think either the damage of it should be increased to be more than the other cannons or the delay should be less.

29th Dec 2014, 00:34
I'd personally rather it explode on contact, even on ground. Kinda like a "splat." It'd be a bit more useful when compared to the normal alch bounce than sticking is.

29th Dec 2014, 07:44
Hello everybody.
In my expierience Viscous cannon is more about hidden potential it brings then delay and damage.
There is no real spread on this weapon, means every shoot is correctly land when and where you want and this unlock a maximum shoot distance that you can't achieve with any other cannon.
Delay as well helps against ignore of pain and evasion users (and some shadow step users), because tyrant running away will get few stacks of nicely sticked globes, so if your timing is right, they explode after ignore of pain already lifted. Evasion in other way, before reaver use it, sticked globes stays on reaver who used evasion after being hit by globes. This situation end up for poor reaver in unexpected death. Viscous cannon as well got great aoe utility, because vampires most often gang on one target with is punishing for other members of gang, the reason is simple, one vampire with already stacked 2+ globes explodes near friends and this happen very often.

How to improve this weapon to be more balanced?
-Increase slighty damage on it. + 10 (not necessary)
-Increase AoE explosion on it as another special, hidden potential so it will be more punishing for ganged on one target vampires(probably best thing this cannon would get without need for any other change).
-change it visually, instead of being a handcannon with sticky potential, make it as totally new weapon with purple/yellow(any other color) Globes, star shapped spiky thing and different statistics.
-Read Bitey's suggestion about globes detonating instantly each other, when in range of explosion.