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24th Dec 2014, 19:10
As we all know by now Krile never made it overseas and by the looks of it she may never will.

There has to be atleast some oversea fans of Final Fantasy 5 and with her release we can have the full hero cast for Final Fantasy 5 or atleast for Fans of the game to be able to use her for the game. Maybe if we can make this topic popular and show our support for krile we can possibly get answers to why we are not getting krile overseas or atleast why the long delay for her overseas release.

Anywho here's my support for hoping krile can make it outside of Japan. Final Fantasy 5 advance is my favorite Final fantasy growing up.

9th Jan 2015, 05:32
As of January 8th 2015, NA and EU still does not have Krile in the DLC Shop. bumping the Post in all hopes that we will get Krile someday for Theatrhythm Curtain Call.

14th Jan 2015, 21:11
We are getting a second batch of DLC but not Krile in any of it. I think Square Enix just...forgot. :(

16th Jan 2015, 09:49
I have a feeling Krile is stuck in the Void.

And Square Enix of NA and EU may not even know about it. and hopefully one of the staff will check out on her whereabouts, the last wave of the First DLC had Vincent as DLC character but the rest of the songs ended up released with him and theres a good chance they may of been saving a batch of the first wave to be released with her.

But we will never know until someone at Square Enix looks into it and finds out what happened to krile.

22nd Jan 2015, 17:40
As with the release of the DLC for 1/22/15, we still do not Krile available for Download in the shop.

21st Feb 2015, 04:52
Still no Krile with the release of DLC for 2/19/2015, feel free to post as to get our voice out to hopefully get Krile released someday, Square Enix doesn't haven't any plans to release new characters but Krile isn't part of that. She was supposed to be released overseas back in 2014 but never happened.