View Full Version : Can't progress in the game anymore

24th Dec 2014, 15:03
Have got to the fight with the Pharaoh skeleton and can't progress any further. I was doing the boss fight and died about 3 times during it. Now anytime the boss fight starts the skeleton has no energy bar. I can shot him till he dissapears then nothing else happens. Before there was other waves of enemies showing up but now nothing. Have restarted, quit game extra but now can't get any further in the game.
Have a video of it if you want to see it.
PS4 version is the one I am having bother with.

25th Dec 2014, 15:43
Ever since the ps4 update it's been a complete disaster I stopped playing and keep checking forums to see if they fixed it.. Everyone is having the same problems your better off stopping playing because even if you could progress you woill get all the way to the bed like all the rest of us and all the challenges are messed up so you'll never get the final troohy and have to start a entir new game over anyway.. This is the worst tomv raider release in history.. Great game if hey can only fix basic stuff like challenges and save progress