View Full Version : Need help setting up a 4-player match on PC

23rd Dec 2014, 20:49
Stupid as it may sound, I can't seem to do it!

I have two Xbox 360 controllers and one random USB gamepad (plus obviously keyboard+mouse combo). I can play fine with any single one of them, but can't seem to host a 3 or 4p game... Anyone got any pointers they could share or any idea what I might be doing wrong?

Need this for the last three achievements.

24th Dec 2014, 07:08
Hey Treeble,

I could not do it either. We should just get 2 more people and have an achievement run together :)

24th Dec 2014, 21:55
But the Couch Party achievement still requires a 4 player local raid... :/

There must be something we're not seeing, I looked up and couldn't find anything about Xbox 360 controllers being able to reassing their ports (at least not on PC), I'm guessing that's the issue here - the game is likely optimized for four Xbox controllers.

4th Jan 2015, 18:17
Just an update - I had actually installed that software to have USB controllers emulate Xbox controllers which is what I believe was confusing the game. While it was installed, I couldn't even get 2 Xbox 360 controllers working today... I removed it and manage to get three players in, the first player being on Keyboard+mouse.

THEN I remembered I had the Tomb Raider special edition controller stashed away. I managed to do Couch Party alone with 3 Xbox 360 controllers+kbm combo. If anyone else is this desperate and has as many controllers (I only have three because one came with the Xbox, the other came with the PC USB receiver and the third one because I collect TR merch), go to Tomb of Khepri as you can take care of the boss alone while the ball rolls the other characters around. Fun fact is... they won't die by falling off the edge lol.