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23rd Dec 2014, 16:39
Hey guys i need help with the following challenge: Light up all the brazer in the tomb
I have finished the level 5 times and have only found 31 of 32 brazer, is it there one that is like very well hidden or missable?(as of today none of the walktroughs or guides i googled has found the 32)
Any tips or advices will be very much appreciated
Thanks in Advance
Happy Holidays:)

23rd Dec 2014, 18:04
I've missed two each of my three times through as well. I thought maybe they were the ones at the end of the spikes at the first entrance (that get extinguished on entrance) but I couldn't get them to re-light with either extended torch range or incendiary weapons.

23rd Dec 2014, 19:08
I have made some video guides for the challenges but for some reason didn't do one for this level (it pretty much spans the entire level, I was trying to focus on short and objective videos instead). The one I missed the first time around is right at the end, going down some ladders back into the spike pit before going through the gates to the final sequence of traps.

23rd Dec 2014, 19:18
thanks for the reply, i think i have found that one, so im missing one earlier in the level. I will give it a try!

23rd Dec 2014, 19:25
I can do a video showing all of them, but it won't show the challenge unlocking... if it helps? It's going to take me a couple of hours to record, edit and upload though. D: Might do it anyway, in case someone else needs it in the future.

23rd Dec 2014, 19:43
NVM, already got it, turned out i was missing one in the spike room with three switches at the end of the first stairs, Thanks for the responses
so if you want to check up if you missed one:
There are
7 until the room with lever and the switch on the plataform
22 up until the 3 ball room
27 up until just before the spike room with switches
and the last ones are in the room with spike traps and switches