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23rd Dec 2014, 13:01
Hey guys, recently I've been playing the original Deus Ex recently and I'm still astonished 14 years later at how good the game is. It was revolutionary, extraordinarily unique and overall just an incredible game. For such a ground breaking game, I feel as though it should continue to remain relevant for years to come.

I get bored of games extremely easily and usually don't even get half way through most games before quitting but I've managed to finish Deus Ex twice in one year and that's a big achievement for me. That just shows how much I love Deus Ex. It's astonishing how good it is. It doesn't get boring, it changes things up to keep you on your toes, the soundtrack is mind-blowing, the levels are hugely varied, and the story and dialogue is still some of the best I've ever seen in any game ever...excluding the actual voice acting maybe...

The fact is Deus Ex is an incredible game but we all know it's dated as hell, the combat is cluncky, the voice acting can be trashy at times ( JC Denton, in da fwesh) and gameplay mechanics while still revolutionary, are indeed quite dated. For a game so good, I feel as though it needs to be preserved and a remake will suffice. Update it, new engine and everything, new voice acting on some characters (maybe not all as some of it is quite good), remaster the amazing soundtrack yet ad thereya go, just keep the charm, the idea, the story, the characters, the set locations and all that the same.

Just Deus Ex on a new engine pretty much. Nothing in the way of gameplay mechanics changed (still have melee weapons as opposed to takedowns and have multi tools and lockpicks that you takeout, leave skills in etc.) but update it like a modern game. You get the point. Please do a remake on PC and the new current gen consoles and I'll never quit playing. Deus Ex means a lot to me andI could make three books on why Deus Ex is the best game ever made for me and I'm sure many people would agree. It would also be helpful to know the story for new gamers gettng into Deus Ex for if you're making more sequels as opposed to prequels without having to play the original which might be too outdated for many people. Deus Ex is everything to me, please make a remake. I beg of you! I never want it to fee too outdated.

The fact is games like Tomb Raider and two year old games like TLOU which still hold up incrediby well and look fine get remakes yet games from the early 00's and 90's don't usually.
Deus Ex isvery outdated, the Halo's all feel modern with their mechanics, so Deus Ex realy needs a remake and those not so much even though it is nice.
Please Eidos, I will worship you and give you all my cash
I apologise if I sound like a 13 year old, I just care for the original Deus Ex so much.

23rd Dec 2014, 16:19
Welcome Trixmay.
Cool first post and, as you say, many here will agree with your point of view. :thumb:

23rd Dec 2014, 16:53
It doesn't need a remake. It wouldn't benefit from one at all because you can't "update" it in any way other than visually without completely changing the game. It feels more modern than most modern games, which are full of hand-holding and linear design.

24th Dec 2014, 04:13
You know the saying, you can't swim twice in the same river. I think everyone here understands how you feel, and why you'd want a technical update of the game. But, and you will excuse my cheap psychoanalysis here, I think what you really want is a chance to re-live the same experience you've had the first time you played it. Not necessarily the game itself, that you want to replay over and over.

In every single discussion we've had here directly related to EM's project, this has always been the underlying reality. It seems a lot of people on the receiving end mistook this for a refusal or rejection of "change". That's so difficult to precisely put into words, we break it down to technical explanations and various theories, thus diluting the initial message and hijacking a legitimate desire to corrupt it into a debate. When we say "Give Me Deus Ex", we don't, in fact, say "Give me an updated Deus Ex".

This is what I'd wish be relayed by Sasha, or Adam or René before him. Seems we all started on the wrong foot, and the chance to go over it one more time before the next title was made has been doomed when the bridge was burned between us.

Have to say it...What a shame!

24th Dec 2014, 05:37
What I want is a game that gives me the same feeling I had when playing DX1 the first few times but that can only be achieved by giving me a chance to explore and discover new content - as that was a huge part of DXs appeal. Modernized technical aspects are expected but gameplay elements and general design wouldn't need many changes are more likey to distract from the goal of evoking the DX magic.

25th Dec 2014, 11:36
Of course none of you ******s mention my 2+ years (almost as long as the original DX team) invested in updating the game, in combination with the other graphics mods.

This 2+ years is titled 'GMDX (http://www.moddb.com/mods/gmdx)' (Give Me Deus Ex).

It recently won Moddb's MOTY editors choice (http://www.moddb.com/mods/gmdx/features/mod-of-the-year-2014-editors-choice) "Worldy Award" despite it still being in development:

"What if Ion Storm had continued to work on Deus Ex after its release? GMDX intends to answer this with a feature-packed total conversion, fixing all the issues and injecting a polished modern feel. GMDX takes the worldly award for carefully refining the world of Dues Ex whilst keeping true to the original feel."

Next release will be a significant one, for AI is getting a considerable intelligence update, there's further simulated systems and so on.

As for a remake, don't even ask. No developer wants to do that. Remaking every little detail of Deus Ex would be an extremely tedious task, no matter how passionate they are, because there would be little room for creativity. There's also little chance it would escape the modern industry's midas touch, i.e dumbing the game down for maximized gold. Even if it was an acceptable remake the fans would be enraged. It has to be perfect.

Merry Christmas you creepy bastards.

25th Dec 2014, 16:11
Awesome work .I am still surprised that Eidos didnt hire you for DX 4 project.Eidos why you dont hire someone who is expert on DX 1?
Deus Ex 4 should be based on GMDX mod(The best mod for DX 1 no doubt).I hope they play it and analyse those changes.
There is no way that DX4 will be better if they will forget about many things and if they wont go for realism.Priority for PC.
Hire CyberP so I can sleep that DX 4 will be great.

25th Dec 2014, 17:14
As honored as I amby those kind words, as much as I need to break into the industry some way or another and secure a brighter future, and as much good I think I could do for a new Deus Ex game in regards to design, if they were going to actively seek experts it'd probably the original masters; Warren Spector et al.

I am a hardcore enthusiast who while can consider the less-informed player with design decisions, I am ultimately stubborn in the type of game/s I want to make, which are undoubtedly unforgiving. Games such as Dark Souls or Deus Ex, or [insert a great number of old games here]. However, I want to take these experiences to the next level.
Ultimately there's no place for someone like me in the AAA industry, not in a position of power anyway. I think I along with a fantastic team could make very good games, games that will be remembered, games that will inspire, but the greater market's subjective definition of "good" has shifted considerably, as has the risk factor for making uncompromising games. Still, I'd be honored to have some influence on the development of DX4, but I don't think it is to be. Despite a proven mod I have no actual professional industry experience and my passion for this type of game is incompatible with what EM/SE want to do, which is their own thing to some degree. Any new "official" Deus Ex releases have their own identity now. The Immersive Sim is not a popular concept and therefore not up for consideration by a profit-seeking business.

25th Dec 2014, 19:33
Of course none of you ******s mention my 2+ years (almost as long as the original DX team) invested in updating the game, in combination with the other graphics mods.

He survives!

...and he comes back with a vengeance.

27th Dec 2014, 06:47
**** I thought you were dead.

Does this mean I have to return the auctioned property?

28th Dec 2014, 03:59
Cheeky rascals. I've crossed both your names out of my will.