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22nd Dec 2014, 18:10
Weapon pros and cons is a very funny thing in this game. You can obtain an impressive weapon or random garbage.

Sometimes, even though some of the cons are very bad, such as + spread, you can counteract with their corresponding perk and even earn a little extra bonus.

+spread weapon
--spread perk
-spread profit

With -5% health that does not happen, because the existing perk only adds + 5% to health. So in the end, you end like you were at the start, but without a perk least wich is a very important thing.

-5% health weapon aka.pain in the ass
+5% health perk
Sad face

It is very difficult to get a mystery weapon, but I've managed to get two with -5% health, the unique cont uncounterable. It's like i didn't get any.

My petition? Quit -5% cont(no sense in a weapon), reduce it to -2/3% or increase the perk to +7/8%.

22nd Dec 2014, 23:24
to make the health perk "equal" to the spread perk, the health perk needs to buff ur health +12,5% (-5% debuff; -20% spread, +8% spread => 20/8=2,5 => 5*2,5=12,5)

so you're probably right the perk needs a buff. (I dont see people using it as well)

I would say buff the HU health perk to +15%, because this buff wont help your teammates if u pick it. (only that reaver, sentinel and tyrant will need one more hit for you, if you buff it +8% reaver and tyrant will need one more hit ... so may 12,5% buff is a good number^^)

23rd Dec 2014, 19:47
Well, i didn't make numbers, but that sounds pretty accurate.

All the perks needs a revision, because almost everyone uses the same, but this particular perk need to be looked first, because their weapon counterpart.

PS: I didn't see +5% health on a weapon. That exists?

23rd Dec 2014, 21:47
PS: I didn't see +5% health on a weapon. That exists?

Yep, I used it on my fullbore.

Id rather see the health bonus toned down to 2% than the perk going to 12,5%. That would affect gameplay seriously.

24th Dec 2014, 23:03
+5% hp is simply to bad to waste a perk on it ... also the supply station perk is ridiculous weak too ... may add, u can use supply station twice for 50% hp or only 1 sec to heal or a buff after station use?.... whatever

minimum buff on the hp perk should be +8% ... but I doubt that I will use it after this buff.