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21st Dec 2014, 12:03
Hi. I writting, because i'v got problem with season pass to LCTOO. I buyed the game in polish shop, it's a gold editon with mini lara statue and season pass. I typed all keys in box to steam account. In next 6 hours i finished the game (so short...), and will try do "Icy Death" from DLC, but game saying to me than I don't have this DLC... What can I do with it?
Sorry for my english if something is wrong, because i don't live in england :p

21st Dec 2014, 12:09
The DLC isn't out yet :)

21st Dec 2014, 13:14
I don't have too Twisted Gears DLC, but i have season pass :/

21st Dec 2014, 13:42
Again, the DLC isn't out yet :D

Once released, you'll be able to download and play them :)

21st Dec 2014, 15:59
they are open.i finished all 2 tombs. see on ranked players, you ll founded people score of these tombs.

edit : screenshot of a dlc tomb


21st Dec 2014, 18:47
The same problem is happening with me. I bought and downloaded the season pass at the Playstation Store. The outfits and weapons are opened, but when i reach the tombs (Icy Death and Twisted Gears) thereĀ“s a red obelisc that mention that i'm supposed to buy the season pass. I'm also having the problem with the Tomb of the Architect... Very annoying...

21st Dec 2014, 19:59
so.... what can i do with this? :/

21st Dec 2014, 22:03
The DLC's (Icy Death and Twisted Gears) are not officially out yet.
The people that completed the tomb are Xbox 1 players, where the DLC was accidentally released too soon on the Live market.
Shortly after it got removed again (they were stil unfinished).

So basically, they are not officially out, you have to wait till they are.