View Full Version : DX:HR CSS Theme for Square Enix Forum

20th Dec 2014, 08:13
Hi guys, I made a CSS Theme for this forum in a DX:HR style. Check it out at:

I themed most things I came across, but I did this all in one sitting (several hours) so I'm sure there are things I missed.


20th Dec 2014, 09:01
I fixed a few things and also added an option to use the Deus Ex Universe splash image.

20th Dec 2014, 10:41
Haven't installed it yet but from the pictures it looks very good. :thumb:

21st Dec 2014, 22:48
I like it. Going to use this, at least until we get the official version, if we get it. Thanks.

22nd Dec 2014, 03:14
Future Frank came back in time through some strange device solely to thank you for saving his vision. I may not go blind at 40 after all!

I've somewhat gotten used to wearing shades indoors, however.

22nd Dec 2014, 16:33
Wow, cool stuff! Thanks for making this. :thumb:

3rd Jan 2015, 02:27
Looks awesome. I'd wish you'd have an option for a more subtle wallpaper. Maybe something carbon fiber-ish (http://fc07.deviantart.net/fs25/f/2008/131/6/8/Carbon_by_Alexander_GG.jpg).

3rd Jan 2015, 05:21
Could use a bit more work, but I'm loving it!

4th Jan 2015, 00:53
I like it! Nicely done. The triangles background looks really good.

The default could really do with an upgrade here.

4th Jan 2015, 07:11
I'll stick with plain white. I've had enough of binary black and gold.
The new simplistic white theme, whilst too is undesirable, at least adds some variety to my Eidos Montreal/SquareEnix-produced DX experiences.

...so very subtle. I'll leave again. However, Critics often criticize because they care.

4th Jan 2015, 11:27
You sure you don't miss the black and gold? It was cosy, like the embers of a fire melting into the night...

Ehem. I tried the Nosgoth skin which was far too gothic for my tastes. This default white is just boring though. I simply can't be pleased.

9th Jan 2015, 15:34
I'm seeing some difficulty installing it on Safari, but that's all right. I quite like the theme with Wallpaper 2, looking forward to using it or something similar. Nice work!

Edit: Have it working with background 2. Looks great! Slightly odd having the red text on some buttons, but that's fine.

30th Jan 2015, 21:01
Looks like the default theme changed on the forums, which messed up the look of this. I'll have to fix it, as right now it's broken pretty bad.