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18th Dec 2014, 16:26
So far we get to choose three abilities for each class (primary, and Q F secondaries), but what if there were an additional slot for passive abilities (think class-specific perks)? Each class could have two or three options for passive skills that obviously aren't activated, but may affect the play style of the class. I haven't thought too hard about this idea, but I do have some examples of what I mean (for the vampires at least, the humans are more difficult for me):

TK Blackhole: I saw this on another thread somewhere, but what if the Tyrant had a passive ability that pulled humans toward him slightly (reducing move speed if they try to flee).
TK feeding: Allows the Tyrant to feed on bodies from a distance.

Climbing claws: Allows the Deceiver to climb walls both vertically and horizontally, while also permitting the Deceiver to remain stationary on the walls.

Hover: Allows the Sentinel to be able to hover in the air without having to always be moving forward.

Fear Aura: Humans shooting at the Summoner have increased weapon spread (the sight of her tattered and sewn up body freaks them out so they shoot less accurately).

That's all I came up with in the short time I've thought of this idea, but I think it gets the idea across. Obviously, some would need tradeoffs, and the humans (and Reaver) could use some skills as well, but I think passive abilities could be nice to have in game. Looking forward to seeing people post ideas and opinions.

19th Dec 2014, 06:57
- Dodge a weapon attack every 8 seconds from line of sight (maybe 110 degree arc in front of reaver). Shortened cooldown when running or stationary, does not activate when feeding or charging pounce/savage pounce. Leap attack counts as running.
- Gradually increased attack speed per successful hit, misses/dodges do not reset, but staggers/stuns/disables do reset

- Scouts may leap further when sprinting off a ledge (similar to vampire)

Those are my two cents.

19th Dec 2014, 07:10
For Tyrant I'd like to be able to charge and jump while ignore pain is active, you still can't melee or use primary abilities; but this would allow us the option to defend against being knocked out by a full drawn warbow during a jump or blasted dead by a coordinated team during a charge or jump, at the expense of not having ignore pain to help escape after finishing the attack.

19th Dec 2014, 09:11
Totally awesome ideas ! Except for the tyrant. They already have a huge stopping power : if a good tyrant isolates you, you can't do anything. Not being able to flee is too much, in my opinion.

But the deceiver, sentinel and summoner ideas are excellent, and I hope it will be done.

I'll just add something : I find it pretty strange that any vampires uses telekinesis to feed, like Kain in Blood Omen. Deceivers executions should imply telekinesis, in my opinion, as they're the most "psychically evolved" vampires.

13th Jan 2015, 00:12
Hey everyone, I'm back with a few more ideas:

Tumble: An ability that permits the scout to tumble as he falls off lower heights, resulting in lower or no damage from shorter falls. This could be good for a graple Scout build (it always annoyed me that a Scout would use a grapple to get a bit higher, but not have a plan for getting down besides 'drop off and hope my legs don't snap beneath me').

Foresight: Allows the Prophet to sense nearby vampires, making them show up on the mini map.

Regenerative Salve: The alchemist drinks a potion (prior to battle, so it would not be an activated ability) permitting them a small degree of regeneration (like the vampires).

I'm still at a loss for Hunter though. Everything I think of seems like it would make them even more OP.

13th Jan 2015, 00:59
For the hunter I know it's not a passive but I always fondled the idea of instead of iron sights, he gained a small buckler that could be used to absorb damage from vampire melee, but with a stagger on each hit (3 attacks from everything but an enraged tyrant or later charged attacks), that would be replaced every health station use.

Actually almost all grapple points have a path that can be taken to greatly reduce if not eliminate any damage taken from falling down. There are a couple exceptions but still.

13th Jan 2015, 01:30
When I suggested the black hole thing in other threads, I was intending for it to take up one of the existing ability slots and not be something that's active all the time. Perhaps even the in the jump/charge slot. It would have to be escapable and not so powerful that it gathered the whole enemy team around you to kill you when it's over. It would be best used for chase downs.