View Full Version : Game goes crazy before taking the machine gun

15th Dec 2014, 22:14
Hi there!
I encountered a bug both on PS4 and on PC, playing in co-op online.
As long as you solve the very first puzzle and the little cinematic triggers, the game goes nuts and it's impossible to continue playing, like the connection is over (which is actually not).
I see my friend stand still or running in the same spot.
We tried everything on both platform but nothing works:
- inviting my friend/my friend inviting me in the very next stage doesn't work
- starting over doesn't work
- starting from the last checkpoint doesn't work
- invert the lobby leadar doesn't work
- overwrite the savegame with the leader one doesn't work


26th Dec 2014, 07:55
My cousin and I have this problem when the bridge extends at the submachine gun. Screen is stuck for the client, looks as though host is running on the spot or clipping through walls. Client character behaves erratically to the host, often dying in odd ways or just committing suicide.

23rd Jan 2015, 16:45
They are releasing DLC for this game when it is in in dire need of patches to fix it. Sad really, they should worry about patching the game to make it playable than release a DLC. I have a video up of your exact issue. You can find it here (http://forums.eu.square-enix.com/showthread.php?t=151104&p=2098945#post2098945).