View Full Version : Backstab is OP

15th Dec 2014, 16:15
Check it please i think is a little bug, i just spawn walking around and deceiver attack me------im die


he hit me just one time

ah other little bug UI

Hunter with heavy pistol

and what about disguise hp bar when you recive a hit? this is a bug i think. the humans can follow you because they can see you HP bar when you are using disguise.

15th Dec 2014, 17:57
Hey Stiran!

1) Picture:

I dont think its a bug - 27sec alive - enough time to get multiple Backstabs

2) Picture:

Doesn't matter Heavy/Repeater/Warbow/Hand Cannon. Its pure white-DMG combined. If you dont die so often it counts everything. When i do count my "Top Damage" it's everytime more than my Max-Health. Sometimes x3 my Health or more.

3) known error, there are enough other threads about it


15th Dec 2014, 18:32
When people die and change class on respawn after hurting you they will show up with their new class on your death screen, which is probably what happened in picture 2.