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15th Dec 2014, 09:16
This is just a thought, so don't put me on blast if it turns out to be stupid. I just had a thought that even though Take off recently recieved a buff, I think many will agree it still leaves a bit to be desired, and given that both Abduct and Kidnap are essentially the same ability, why not rework Take off to be a special ability instead of a secondary ability? It would add a lot of variety to that slot, and at the same time it would no longer have to compete with Air strike. A charging mechanic could possibly be implemented where the longer you charge the speed and height of ascension would also increase. Just a thought, any ideas?

15th Dec 2014, 11:49
I would love to see more variety to classes when it comes to primary skills instead of having almost identical ones with minor differences (same applies to Tyrant and Reaver), but when it comes to Sentinel and this particular suggestion - it gets tricky.

I personally don't see this working because Sentinel is the only class that can fly, and its signature ability has to really define the class in that sense. Adding Take Off in that slot just for diversity reasons makes Sentinel seem a little lame to me, because all it does is basically puts the Sentinel in the air and that feels really underwhelming. At the moment the competition in the secondary ability slot seems to be making sense as it is harassment vs escape mechanic (slightly unreliable one, but an escape nonetheless).

I like your line of thinking to introduce more signature moves for the primary abilities, but this particular suggestion doesn't do Sentinel justice in my opinion as it is not enough for fun gameplay. It makes Sentinel different to the rest of the Vampires only in a sense where you fly up to a fight instead of climbing walls (which you can't do anyway if you want to not get shot down before you land). You're also losing an average of 450-500 damage per successful Abduct and all the utility of isolating a target from a fight for not much gain. Not trying to be harsh to your idea and like I said - I like where you're going with this, just thinking out loud.

That's why I said it's tricky - because I personally can't come up with anything imaginative for an offensive, cool class defining move for Sentinel, which I really like as a class.

15th Dec 2014, 13:39
while i would love it this would be OP takeoff and dive bomb combo would be to much