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13th Dec 2014, 04:09
Do the developers of Final Fantasy XIII and Final Fantasy XIII-2 plan to address the optimization issues on PC? I would like to know if they plan to do anything more with these games or if this was just a quick crash grab. I think the both games are great, but they just don't run well on PC at the moment, and I think they developers should really consider patching both games if Square Enix plans to bring more games to the PC market.

FFXIII isn't the worst port in the world, but it definitely has it issues and waiting for a 2 month patch that barely did anything isn't very encouraging. I also see the FFXIII-2 is receiving a lot of negativity towards its PC optimization. Why are you releasing games that are clearly not ready to be released?

I get 60 FPS at times while playing FFXIII, but I constantly get frame rate drops (down to 30-40) during battles and exploring the world. I don't have any issues with other games I play such as WoW, Shadow of Mordor, and Battlefield 3.

PC Specs:
i5 3570k
GTX 760 (latest driver)

I have played a couple of Square's other games on Steam (The Last Remnant / Sleeping Dogs) which seem to have run much better. Is the engine for FF13 just not suited to run well on PC? Also, didn't FF14 have the same engine, but it was switched out when they did A Realm Reborn update? I don't know what the issue is, but I waited for the December patch from launch to see some improvements, but the game still doesn't run as well as it should.

I want these games to succeed, but you can't expect them to if they aren't optimized for PC. I do think FFXIII is playable and the patch that added resolutions is good to see, but I hope to see some optimization patches down the road.

Make sure FFXIII Lightning Returns is in better shape when you decided to release that on Steam.


8th Jan 2015, 00:14
Very well written and I agree with all your points. The Final Fantasy XIII Trilogy is a beautiful set of games but it's tragic to see it neglected to the point where it's so jerky it's almost unplayable...Even on high-end hardware.

Hopefully they do release a patch like you said or at least give us some framerate and Vsync options to stabilize the games.

Come on Square we're your loyal fans and we'll be so happy if you do :(

11th Jan 2015, 13:51
Strange i dont have problems with ff13 but ff13-2 is UNPLAYABLE!