View Full Version : Tyrant charge detection bug

13th Dec 2014, 03:10
Hi i just played a game currently and when i was using charge as a tyrant its seems like id pass through humans even though i could have sworn i hit them.I have noticed this before but this was before we had noscam and i mainly use jump.
I checked back on the noscam video and was correct in my assumption that on three occasions i hit a target dead on but passed straight through them . i looked over a few more times and discovered that what causes it is when a human is mid roll in the air .
I am guessing that charge only detects things on the ground so if a human is mid air roll he can negate the charge regardless if he dodged out of the way or not.
so i would like to know if this is intended or do humans get a brief window of invulnerability with their dodge roll ?

13th Dec 2014, 09:22
This has been mentioned before but I doubt, it got the attention it needed.

Is there a chance you can make a video showing the specifics?

Would be nice if you could also file a bug report to make sure it gets tracked in their system.

13th Dec 2014, 10:00
tyrant is hands down my favorite vamp. But he has some issues. i hope they get them ironed out for open beta.

hit detection on his melee swings.

the fact hes not very tanky outside of his DR ability

and this.

probably more

13th Dec 2014, 22:46
I will try make a video testing it with my friend but it will prob be later during the week .
anyway here a few screen shots to show my point

My theory is charge cant hit humans mid roll in the air so ill test this during the week or if anyone else would like to test this feel free .

14th Dec 2014, 02:39
No there is no immunity when rolling, that should register as a connect and knockback. I would say it could be lag, or a bug, or, and I only say this for the sake of mentioning all the possiblities, this looks like it's the same scout each time...

14th Dec 2014, 03:49
ya several possibliities,

1-as you theorize
4-cheater (unlikely i think tho in this case)

14th Dec 2014, 11:04
From what I heard there is a small invincible frame in rolling you can do the same as vamp against a hunters sticky grenade, if roll at right time the grenade will do nothing. I've also been seeing this more recently as tyrant doing a charge people who know about it simply time the roll right and it wont register.

14th Dec 2014, 12:13
Charge works perfect against me. I am always been caught while rolling. Most of the time i can swear to god, that i dodged it, but the tyrant always get me.