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12th Dec 2014, 08:28
Ha ha:lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol: nay luck Microsoft has got Tomb Raider. Thank Christ! Get the game away from your pathetic hands.

You lot do not deserve Tomb Raider. You lot virtually destroyed TR 2013. I wish I knew who it was that came up with that pathetic mentally retarded idea of the multiplayer mode. Whoever it was should be burned alive at the stake.

You had your chance with TR and blew it big time. TOMB RAIDER HAS BEEN AND ALWAYS WILL BE SINGLE PLAYER! Why the hell did think that needed multiplayer and feel the need to stuff in multiplayer into everything. I tried it once and I really need to get my head examined for going in there. It was as bad as your mind can comprehend.

So looking forward to getting RotTR published by MICROSOFT for my Xbox 360.

Also you keep on going on on and on and on about sales yet you only make Temple Of Osiris next gen only! That is pathetic. Think of all the hundreds of thousands of sales you are missing out on by not making it for the PS3/360.

Is it any wonder no one likes you. You really are a pathetic company. You destroy everything you get.

12th Dec 2014, 09:39
Well... This is awkward...

Who was this aimed at? :lol:

12th Dec 2014, 09:59
Oh look, a MS fanboy signing up just for flaming the TR fans. How mature.

Buhbye mr. Troll :wave:

I really need to get my head examined

You got that right :p