View Full Version : Looking for guys to play as a team with

11th Dec 2014, 17:32
Hi i have played a little i'm lvl 22 and love playing sentinel or deceiver, Humans i dont really like much but prefer the prophet mainly. i cant say im brilliant at the game but when my public team works together i can hold my own normally doing around 10-12k dmg .

Im here because most people on pub servers are very lone wolf style and tends to make the team die very quickly indeed , im looking to leave all the death behind and learn to play as part of a team with coms and strategies etc i need to experience this side of the game. I am 34 have a willingness to listen learn and adapt .

Jesus feels like a c.v :)

Hit me up if you need a 4th :)


11th Dec 2014, 20:02
Hey. I wrote this thread not too long ago.